Must Read: You As A Fan Of Lagosloaded (Benefits, Complaints , Anniversary and More) ! LagosloadedMust Read: You As A Fan Of Lagosloaded (Benefits, Complaints , Anniversary and More) ! Lagosloaded
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Must Read: You As A Fan Of Lagosloaded (Benefits, Complaints , Anniversary and More)

Lagosloaded (aka LL) is a site that wants to serve you better and we can improve that if we hear from you.

LL was found on Wednesday, being 8th August 2015 and ever since has been serving it fans with several post on categories like news and entertainment ranging from Nigerian and Foreign songs, videos, celebrity Talks, Lifestyle Gist, Educational posts, News. Though, there have been flaws and shortcoming regarding the way we post, what we post, how we post and when we post, and this issues in other to resolve them, after discussing our own part of it, concluded that we call you in to it, since you are the one we are serving anyway.

LL won’t stop, we have always been striving to serve fans better, we don’t know what you think our flaws are or better still we don’t know if you are okay with our service and as a fan of LL we believe that it’s you to tell what happens on LL, so we are giving you guys a chance, please utilise the comment box below and tell us what you feel about us, perhaps advice us on how to serve you better.

We actually are doing this because LL is reaching it second year since it existence, we are upgrading LL higher and to the way fans in here wants it.

On our own part, from today henceforth we’ll improve by serving you with more of the latest News (i.e Naija news, sport, educational news), Celebrity Gist, Musics (i.e Foreign and Naija songs), Videos (i.e Comedy skits, song videos, celeb stage performances, football highlights, Trending movies and miscellaneous), Music Lyrics, Lifestyle gist, Riddles and brain teaser, other miscellaneous entertainments.

We promise that all of the above listed category will adequately be served.

Right now on LL there are only two official admin whom are ready to give all this, if you love to meet them, they are:

Barny (Akintola Barnabas): he’s a jovial obviously and really loves blogging, you can contact him on BBM: 3342640A,‎ Whatsapp: 09051315002 and Twitter: @barnyolix.

Orlaz (Muh’d Jamiu Ishola): A nice guy who is a veteran in the blogging world, you can contact him on BBM: 5665085F, Whatsapp: 08100070432 and Twitter: @orlazdgreat.

We also use this medium to encourage fans here at LL to try being communicative by commenting in the comment box provided below every post, you can make your own comments by entering your comments to the box and submit, also, you reply someone else’s comment by clicking the reply link immediately below the person’s comment and wait until the comment box appear and comment. Comments are really needed for a better LL.

And if you like LL, this message is really for you! Let’s come together and make LL great!

Yeah! About the one years anniversary of LL, not to worry we are cooking something great!!

To all upcoming artiste, we are reinstating our policy that LL will collect no penny from you to upload you songs here. Simply mail us and stand a chance.

Don’t forget we need you comments below, start commenting!

Let’s Rock LL!!!‎

About @barnyolix

À friendly, funny, spirited young scholar who loves blogging and music!


  1. Nice one, keep upo the Good work… May Allah Help u guys…

  2. Meh I love dis site..u guys are always above oda site in term of uploading new song..tumbs up nd job well done

  3. You guys are really trying…love you guys like madt

  4. Am a tru fans of LL I like downloading all my songs from this site pls admin I want to upload my mixtape on ur site how can I go by it with a affordable price you guyz know the situation of naija

  5. Keep on guys love dat

  6. Thanks for that guys,belive me,u are the trendiest

  7. I love dis site

  8. I love Lagosloaded but naijaloaded all the way

  9. well thumb up for you guys, ur really given us the best just keep doing what you think is better. Bt cant LL provide room for fans to upload music too?

  10. I luv LL die, just keep it up, am upcumin artis, I nis ur epp, hw 2 post song on ur site.

  11. LL is the best. I appreciate all their efforts in keeping us updatd especially in foreign music. Evrytin z jus kul in here. #Oshamor. Kip it up.ur biggest fan

  12. Osea…Ds guys are Gud nd deh re really increasing my joy like kilode

  13. ll pls…u should work on a way we could subscribe so dat we can gt latest info of uploads

  14. keep it up lagosloaded

  15. If there is a way u guys can always minimize d size of d content u are uploading always try and do so, by that am sure u will earn more fans. And incase u need more admin am available holla me 08182895156

  16. Cool site….una qet mouth jae….love u quyzz….haaa sorry like u quyz wen ah no be qay

  17. LlTID mehn…kip up d gud works..buh hw can I get ma songs uploqded here qs qn qct.lqgosloqded till I die

  18. What I love about this site is, their posts is always up to date and the quickest on the internet. A typical example is Belgium vs Hungary and by the time the match was completed, the highlights were already on this site. Kudos guys and God bless

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