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  1. this song is fantastic I mean like I never of thought of it before,I mean like it really explain itself#aint your mama boy

  2. Oh Wow Jennifer lopez I can’t believe it that you would come back like that your producer is great. and this song is greater then any girls song of twenty 16 dear let me tell you …. you Killing me with this song the words I can give u is….great,fantastic, fabulous, perfect ,awesome, mind blowing

  3. i lv the soñg ain’t ur mama ….when i hear it music i felt over the moon oñ that day ….its really makes me scrimmiñg …..i woñder to get the video to enjoy full of my self

  4. this song its really makes some people go crazy…
    i adore u Jennifer Lopez especially ur songs really kills

  5. I love the message in the song and the dance was wow and the passion you exposed in the video

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