Advantages Of Rooting Your Andriod Phone ! LagosloadedAdvantages Of Rooting Your Andriod Phone ! Lagosloaded
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Advantages Of Rooting Your Andriod Phone

Advantages Of Rooting Your Andriod Phone

I have been getting some queries on What’s app about this issue so I try to make it official. that what freebrowsing Naija will do we are not selfish so always have it at the back of your mind.

…OK people are you Ready ??

…..Let’s …..Rol

1)Rooting Will Allow You to Have Full Control Over Your Smartphone

2)You Can Access to Modify System by Rooting Android

3)You Can Change Boot Images by Rooting

4)You Can Delete PreInstalled Applications by Rooting Your Android

5)You Can Install Custom ROMs by Rooting Your Android

6)You Can Upgrade to Latest Version of Android by Rooting

7)You Can BackUp your Full Phone Memory in SD Card by Rooting Your Android

8)You Can Move and Manipulate Partitions by Rooting

So These are Advantages of Rooting

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  1. Whaaaoooh nice, xo plz teach us how to root d android phone

  2. hey but wht abt the early termination fee??? u hav 2 pay tht. Also hw did u puhracsed the mobile frm at&t ..we hav 2 fill a form with our address and credit card no. So they can charge you..pls reply Reply

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