4 Reasons Why They Might Not Give YBNL Lil Kesh Next Rated at The Headies ! Lagosloaded4 Reasons Why They Might Not Give YBNL Lil Kesh Next Rated at The Headies ! Lagosloaded
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4 Reasons Why They Might Not Give YBNL Lil Kesh Next Rated at The Headies


I was able to read comments and people’s thought about the on coming Headies award on my previous article. So in this article I would be giving reasons why YBNL talented artiste Lil Kesh might not be headies Next rated even with his numerous hit songs.

1. Lil kesh songs are 18+
Lil kesh songs are basically for 18+ His words are to explicit. How do you expect someone that talks about female encounters and their bodies raw be given a next rated award that the world is anticipated for ?

2. Headies award organizers won’t allow it Take it or leave.

Lil kesh has 70% chance of winning this award but his type of songs won’t let him for God’s sake. We talking about next rated, Its not just a category, its most anticipated category and most popular inshort. Don’t be surprise if someone else wins it.

3. He has been cheated

before it might repeat itself At the last headies I was expecting the shoki master to grab an award in which he was nominated along side Mavins finest reekado banks. And the suppose award was given to reeky. What does this imply? Probably because Kesh was not the Rightful owner of the then Controversial Shoki, I guess. Olamide wasn’t cool with it but Reeky was good, We’ve to be sincere.

4. It might bring down The headies reputation

Headies award is the grammy award of nigeria, and every young upcoming artiste dream. Lil kesh Addicts should get the logic. Headies next rated award is a big award the most biggest in africa as a whole to me. If the Next rated award is given to Lil kesh . What is the headies promoting ? The essence of this write up is that it wouldn’t be cool seeing lil kesh fans been enraged and lashing out on who ever wins the award. They just have to get the logic. Thank you!

So What Do you guys think??


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  2. You spoke well,everybody knows lil kesh was not the owner of shoki.the right owner was dre san,and all is efejoku is an 18+ song truly….good talk

  3. Lil kesh I still salute u ooo,nt true talk my guy

  4. Hmmmmm 18+ truth but lil kesh try to add some meaning to you music I am ur fan

  5. The truth is dat olamida don behav wel but the award surpose to belong to kiss daniel or lil kesh becau recado did not sing any party jam 2015

  6. Stand still no movement, make dem clear road 4 ybnl tiger lil kesh o na him music get party , club pass so any body wa want da am wayo dis year thunder go fire am.

  7. Next rated award

    belong to korede Bello or Kiss Daniel not Reekado Banks

  8. lil kesh is still my boss

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