“Stop That Rubbish, The Streets is Not a Ticket for Misbehavior” – Open Letter To Olamide

Still on the Headies Saga, seems many people have put in to this, Here is Another Letter to Olamide Baddo #Eyan Mayweather, over the Surprisingly Action he made at the 2015 Headies.

“You can’t be throwing F-bombs, dropping cups, flinging caps, hurling insults, dropping Mics and flipping the bird on National television! And be claiming the streets! Stop that rubbish.

The “streets” is not a ticket for misbehavior. It’s not an excuse for stupidity. You represent several brands. Several international brands for that matter. And all the Nigerians that are supporting this nonsense in the name of the “streets,” let’s get off that nonsense.

This monopolistic definition of the “streets” is insulting. There are hardworking people on the streets, quiet people on the streets, humble people on the streets, people legitimately working to make things happen on the streets for themselves and others.

You can be from the “streets” and still carry yourself with dignity.

To default this sad behavior to the “streets” is an insult to the hardworking people out there who carry themselves with dignity regardless of the situation. Please let’s stop insulting the “streets” in the name of the “streets!”

Written by Okechukwu Ofili – Follow him on Twitter

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